Compton, California is one of the most notorious cities in the world. Made famous by NWA in the eighties and the LA riots in the nineties, Compton is place defined by the glorification of drug dealing and gang violence. Free Throw director, Court Crandall and WDCW Films, set out to show a different side of Compton and its people. Through the creation of a basketball free throw shooting competition for a $40,000 college scholarship, eight worthy Compton High School students are given the chance to not only pay for their education, but to tell their stories. What transpires puts the school, the city and one teen at the center of a tale of generosity so profound, it’s covered by news sources around the world and becomes the lead story on Yahoo. By the end of the film, you will have laughed, cried and realized that the values we hold dearest as a country may be best represented in a most unlikely zip code.

“I raised my children in Manhattan Beach, but I went to Compton to find their role models.”

—Court Crandall
Director, Free Throw